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Fitness Bootcamp in North Sydney

Combine the energy of the city with the serenity of the outdoors. Experience an outdoor workout that will challenge your aerobic and anaerobic capacity with sprint drills, HIIT and strength and conditioning circuits in a team focussed approach.


Trouble fitting in a great workout around your busy work schedule?

Being close to the North Sydney CBD, as well as a short journey from the Sydney CBD, our Bootcamp North Sydney is a great opportunity for our city’s professionals to get the job done and still fit in one of the best workouts around.

Get your heart pumping in the early morning to set yourself up for a great day with our Bootcamp in North Sydney.

North Sydney CBD Meet opposite 95 Ridge St
St. Leonards Park, North Sydney
Monday 6am-7am
Wednesday 6am-7am
Friday 6am-7am



Join our North Sydney bootcamp recruits for free, ask them what they think and get a great workout without any commitment.


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    I was encouraged by a work colleague to join him at EnlistNow Bootcamps and just give it a "try", 18 months later I'm hooked! The environment that Ben and Karina have created is fantastic and very contagious. This enthusiasm flows on to the rest of the group to help them feel motivated and challenged. The additional gruelling and fun challenges provided encourages additional motivation and friendly competition amongst the whole group.
    I would highly recommend joining the EnlistNow Bootcamp.

    Darren L

    I have just started my 6th year of attending Ben and Karina’s Bootcamp . It is a very well run Bootcamp where during the session I can forget about anything else that may be going on and fully focus on the challenges set by Ben or Karina. They are very knowledgeable instructors and can seem to push you to your limits and help you achieve great things . The friendly group is also another reason why I hope to keep going .

    Tony L

    I’ve been going to Enlist Now Bootcamps for over 10 years now and couldn’t think of doing anything else to keep fit! The sessions are always interesting and different but also challenging no matter your fitness level.

    I started off 10 years ago barely able to run a kilometre without walking - and now 10 years later (even after having a kid during that time!) I’m easily ten times fitter than I was back then. Ben and Karina are super supportive and the group environment is always friendly and encouraging!

    Kim T