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    I have just started my 6th year of attending Ben and Karina’s Bootcamp . It is a very well run Bootcamp where during the session I can forget about anything else that may be going on and fully focus on the challenges set by Ben or Karina. They are very knowledgeable instructors and can seem to push you to your limits and help you achieve great things . The friendly group is also another reason why I hope to keep going.

    Tony L

    Ben & Karina's bootcamp is the one constant form of training that I commit to all year. There is nothing better than training in the great outdoors with a motivating group to push you along. Since starting boot camp 5 years ago my fitness has improved immensely and I am now running marathons thanks to the support & training this program has given me. I couldn't imagine not attending!

    Renee D

    Have been doing EnlistNow bootcamp for over six years now. What keeps me coming back is the variety of the sessions - running, high intensity cardio, strength training; the instructors are engaging and personable (sometimes not Ben :)) and such a great group of people. Can highly recommend if you looking to keep / get fit and have some fun.

    Simon O