Boost your Team’s Wellness with

Corporate Fitness Programs in North Sydney

Invest in the health of your staff and organise a tailored made fitness program to suit different fitness levels within your team.


Corporate training sessions

We offer corporate training for many businesses around North Sydney.
This can be done exclusively for your business or via a corporate rate to join existing groups.

Our exclusive training can be tailored for your needs and we can also run 8-week challenges which can be a great asset for morale and productivity in the workplace. Body composition scans and nutrition programs are both provided.

Benefits beyond health and fitness.


Our corporate fitness programs are excellent team-building activities that will keep your staff fit, healthy and alert. Show your staff that you value their health and fitness, and you’ll also be able to:

Develop Team Morale

Improve team trust, communication and bonding. Our Corporate sessions helps turn groups of individual workers into cohesive teams more focused on tackling the challenges as a collective.

Promote general health and wellbeing

Create a culture of health and wellness at your workplace. Our sessions can be tailored to to suit staff of all fitness levels, and for employees with health problems and special needs.

Increase employee productivity

Research shows that corporate fitness sessions result in reduced stress, greater productivity, improved morale and improved relationships.

Reduce sick leave and increase staff retention

Fit and healthy staff are almost three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues and nine times less likely to have sick days.


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    I cannot speak highly enough of the training provided by Ben & Karina! They constantly motivate and inspire us to undertake activities (such as marathons and half marathons), we would never have thought possible, as well as setting many more challenges along the way! They have built a great group - socialising with friends whilst training hard!

    Sally M